Oznake: Slušalke Pribor, Zabavna Elektronika, Poceni Slušalke Pribor, Visoka Kakovost Zabavna Elektronika, Slušalke Pribor.

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Ohišje Za Apple AirPods Zraka Stroki Pro 2 1 Pokrov Moda Vroče Marmorja Vzorec Težko PC Slušalke Polnjenje Box Primeru Za AirPods Pro 2 1


Visoko kvaliteten Material: Trdi PC Primeru

Lastnosti in Funkcije: Anti-slip, Anti-lost, Anti-materija, vsestransko Zaščito, Shockproof, Nepremočljiva

Celovit Združljivost:

Ohišje Za AirPods 1

Ohišje Za AirPods 2 ŽIČNO Polnjenje Različica

Ohišje Za AirPods 2 BREZŽIČNO Polnjenje Različica

Ohišje Za AirPods Pro ŽIČNO Polnjenje Različica

Ohišje Za AirPods Pro BREZŽIČNO Polnjenje Različica

Paket Vsebuje:

1pcs Airpods Primeru (ki Niso vključene airpods in napolnite polje)

  • Značilnosti 2: Težko PC Coque Vrečko Za Apple Airpods Pro 2 1 Primerih
  • Številka Modela: Ohišje Za Apple AirPods Pro 2 1
  • Paket: 1 Slušalke Primeru Za Airpods
  • Značilnosti: Srčkan Vzorec Slušalke Primeru Za Apple Airpods Pro 2 1
  • Slog: Srčkan Vzorec Slušalke Primeru
  • Blagovna Znamka: VEVICE
  • Funkcije 1: Nekaj Vzorec Kritje Za Airpods Pro 2 1 Primeru
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Material: PC
  • Združljiv za: Za Airpods Pro 2 1 Primeru Za Airpods Pro 2 1 Wired
  • Postavka Vrsta: Slušalke Primerih
  • velikost: Case For Apple AirPods Pro 2 1

Описание 100% соответствует товару, фото качественные и показывают реалистичную картинку продукта.
The cover is cool, but! I expected that it would be silicone and more fold, it is very hard. Right now I put it on the headphones, and I can not remove it, I do not know how, but I'll try it later, I'm afraid to drain the lid. From below there is a little line that cuts the picture, it should not be, but in general, imperceptibly if you do not look.
Before Buryatia came in two weeks)) it's very fast!!! For paid delivery for 60 rubles) I have a cover such already only from another seller) the cover is removed easily, according to reviews I read that it is not removed, I do not know I took it without problems and cats) beautiful cover, smooth. It's a pity the joints on the side are mixed) with the seller did not communicate) on AirPods of the first generation sat perfectly)

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