Oznake: Nail Art Šablone, Lepota In Zdravje, Poceni Nail Art Šablone, Visoka Kakovost, Lepota In Zdravje, Nail Art Šablone.

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ANGNYA 1Pcs Kaktus 3D Akril Plesni za Nail Art Dekoracije Nohtov DIY Design Bowknot Silikonski Nail Art Šablone Nohti Plesni

  • Material: Silikonski
  • Količina: 1Pcs/set
  • Postavka Vrsta: Predlogo
  • Blagovna Znamka: ANGNYA
  • velikost: 1pcs
  • Teža: 40g

Ilya Sambo
10.23 > 11.17 shipping this information seems moderately well warmth and drawing product pretty and detailing. Well acid shows! Mind to parties. Yet mold test wont saw perfect view even embossed engrave the threshold. Size just good as nails French hand small letter day mold the first big Winnie the thumb in tight tea for and what other people do poorly electric parts are available can be as seen on TV!

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