Oznake: Daljinsko Upravljanje, Zabavna Elektronika, Poceni Daljinsko Upravljanje, Visoka Kakovost Zabavna Elektronika, Daljinsko Upravljanje.

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GO-1316 Smart Tv Daljinski upravljalnik za Samsung ● Ujemanje Smart TV Serije ● Z YOUTUBE AMAZON RATUKEN gumb

  • Uporaba: TV
  • Brezžična Komunikacija: IR
  • Certificiranje: CE
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Blagovna Znamka: NoEnName_Null

Alla Margo
The remote is normally made, but a little from the native Samsung is different. Part of the buttons therefore does not work. But these are extra buttons, I don't need them. The only thing that upset-there is no button for voice input, but he bought for such money, which is even funny, so everything suits
Www Guzel Com
For the price is fine and arrived before the hour everything ok

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